Amsterdam After Dark, pt. 2

We walked back to our apartment with the intention of only staying momentarily. However, we ended up taking a nap and woke up a few minutes past 2 in the morning.

We felt mild hunger, so not wanting to waste the opportunity for a late-night walk through the streets of Amsterdam, we walked to a nearby Chipsy King.

We ordered fries with barbecue sauce and waited while they were made fresh for us. As the man pulled the sizzling rack from the hot oil, the fragrance of fried potatoes filled the air. He scooped a large portion of thick fries into a paper cone and pumped barbecue sauce over the top.

In the past, the amount of sauce they put on the fries should logically not have reached the center and bottom portions. However, they have baffled me each time with their amazing ability to achieve perfect fry coverage.

I watched, certain that this time he must have missed a few in the center and at the bottom. But no! Each fry had as much sauce as the one before it, if not more.

I will never understand how they squirt all the fries with sauce. I watched, my eyes transfixed on his every movement, and still have no idea. The Chipsy sauce mystery still remains.

Fries outside Muntplein Chipsy King, Amsterdam, May 2013.


1.) If you ever find yourself at a Chipsy King, a sauce worth trying is the Belgian mayonnaise. Once I got past the strange idea of fries covered in sandwich spread, I finally understood why this was such a popular trend here. If I could compare it to something familiar, it tasted similar to a baked potato with tangy sour cream.

2.) They serve their fries with miniature forks. Apparently, they do not approve of eating large, sauce-covered fries with fingers. Sometimes this helps to keep the sauce off my hands, other times I catch myself starting to use my fingers and have to force myself to make a conscious effort to use the utensil they gave me.